Documenting the Game - A Solo Development Interactive Documentary Series

In this kickoff to a new series, I lay out the goals and expectations, as well as discuss the major topics that I plan to address over the course of time. This is not a typical tutorial series but rather a new, semi-interactive effort to help address the questions and issues surrounding building a game on your own, without a team by going through the process myself and documenting it.

For the interactive weekday streams mentioned in the video, look for ‘The Daily Grind’ from 7-8AM central time at Twitch

For those who might question why it’s marked as a tutorial, while it’s not specifically a tutorial series, I put it as that because I’ll be demonstrating various aspects of the software development process and doing pseudo-tutorials on things like writing a game design doc, unit testing, and such stuff.

The first three ‘Daily Grind’ morning briefings (as discussed in the video above):

If anyone else is doing a series (be it video or blog), I’d love to partner up to trade insights that we could jointly share with the community.

Additional updates, and a link to the shared folder for templates.

Shared template Folder (Google Drive): Documenting the Game Public Files - Google Drive