For more advanced items does anyone agree that Epic should require at least basic documentation on things like blueprints and a link in the contact info for it? After all it is people paying for a product, not a bunch of knowledgeable experts (Who know how to do it themselves or otherwise don’t have the time) sharing assets…

While I think it is good practice to include at least some basic documentation for your packages, I don’t believe requiring it is a good idea. Blueprints and code should be commented to the point of readability, but in the end, it is the user’s responsibility to get it working for them. I guess however, it depends on what you are buying.

When you buy a package from the market, that package is rather cheap. If you would have had it developed personally, it would have cost a allot more. I don’t think support should be provided at all unless at will. It is the end user’s responsibility to know how to use the asset they are buying.

This said, you never quite know what you are buying.

Out of curiosity, are you running into a problem with some code? I think it SHOULD be part of Unreal’s QA process to check for well commented code.

Well fortunately the package that I purchased did indeed receive a documentation boost about 4 or 5 days I got it. Which was nice. The author was preparing it as I posted this. However if he hadn’t I would have had to pile through his BP’s in search for how certain things are intended to work. If someone is not up on their knowledge of bps they would have never understood it. We PURCHASE these items, we spend money, we should be able to easily understand them. Being the end users responsibly to be able to use something that has many different variables and such is why this country is going down the drain on a economic level. The more you just presume the client knows what he is doing (and we see this alot in the IT industry because IT people generally are very bad at explaining themselves if they are good typiclly I am a great example LOL)…

If the user knew what he/she was doing they would rarely buy anything from the market opting to do it themselves. I bought two packages that saved alot of time on a massive scale. But I opt to generally make my own assets… There are different reasons why people buy things but most people I would think would hit the market place to either do what I have done to save time or because they don’t know anything to start with… I mean 3d rocks? really? how hard is that exactly?