Documentation/Tutorials for level blueprint editing?

The blueprint editor help section takes me to a website login reserved for UE license owners. And I’ve been unable to find any tutorials for it.

Even trying to get started (whether you understand node systems or not) seems like an exercise in futility. The search functionality makes finding what you need (such as “on” events) nearly impossible. Tutorials would be good too though, if just to walk through setting up some basic new features.

There is no real documentation for Ark modding other than what the community has put together but since it’s just UE4, here is a good place to start -

Then there is the Ark Modding youtube channel with some helpful videos for beginners -

And finally the Ark Modding Wiki -

Thank you. The unreal info was quite useful for understanding the basic mechanics of the node system. I’ve gotten the level blueprint to do much more intricate things than I was doing before.

Unfortunately the information I’m specifically looking for, doesn’t seem to be available anywhere, though I have no doubt that it’s being used extensively by others. It’s very ARK specific, as it involves the primal inventory system.

Specifically, I’m trying to insert items into the inventory of a player/character who triggered an OnEvent. Logically I ‘should’ be able to adapt this but no explanation is given for where “player inventory” comes from. It LOOKS like a custom defined variable but the only thing that appears in the second screenshot is the array, and I’ve found no “owner inventory” among the actions.

In the setup I have now, logically I should be able to just link the return value in “Get Owner Controller” directly to “Give to Inventory” but they’re incompatible. In fact, I’ve found NOTHING that is compatible with “Give to Inventory” in “Add New Item,” including basic variable types such as float or pawn.

From “Other actor”, cast to primalcharacter then drag “my inventory component” from the return node then connect that to “give to inventory”

Yes! Thank you very much!