[Documentation] Startup Movies


By reading comment (forums, answerhub) on issue with Startup Movies, it seems that there are some requirements for the movie to be player correctly in packgage games.

As I’m not able to find any official statement / document from Epic, can a staff member answer officially on this and pull a request for a documentation in the “Docs” pages?

As far I understand we have a 720p constraint with 2x fps (which seems to be a very low target compare to current screen size 1080p / 2K /4K). It seems that the encoder/container may also have some constraints.

Thanks for your feeedback.

We’re using at least one 1920 * 1080 video, packages up fine. 25 FPS, .mp4 format.

Thanks for your feedback,

In 4.11, we had issue with a 1080p video that didn’t show up completly only in package builds (we tick the option to force the movies to be played completly even if the level is loaded). By digging a little bit, I found many topics on this saying that they solved the issue by converting in 720p, 2x fps so this is why I raise this thread to have the official statement if they are any constraint on the video format or if it is our implementation.

Is there any answer to this yet? 720p for a startup movie is a little blah. Does 1080p 25fps work across the board now?