Documentation Search attachment result should bring up the forum post of the attachment


This is meant as an improvement proposal: I want to propose a functionality to the Documentation Search and I have a very special case to showcase the scenario.

Current State:

I had an issue with the nvidia gameworks build of the engine getting an error for a c++ function named “getFormatMapping” so i searched for it. Turns out, there is only 1 result coming from an attachment. But you can only open and safe the attachment, never get to the forum post itself, which would help. Furthermore, the attachmentid is not trackable so there is really no way to find the post that the attachment belongs to.

Clicking the search result should bring you to the forum post of the attachment or there should be a button or anything else to find the forum post that the attachment belongs to.

Repro: enter “getformatmapping” into the doc search There is only the attachment and no chance to find it.
It belongs to this post in the forums and was quite hard to find in the first place :wink:

I hope i did not overlook anything and would like to have this option for better search results.