Documentation Question

Hi all,

I’m sure I’m just overlooking it, but I’m looking for a listing/description of functions and other other elements available in the blueprints, but am having a hard time finding a listing and google isn’t helping.

I’m basically looking for a document that describes available things that I see discussed in several of the tutuorial videos, like:
Random Unit Vector
Set Light Color
Set Timer
Cast To First Person Character
Launch Character

I can watch a video and understand what is happening with a specific set of objects, but I’m trying to find and read about the other things I might could do that aren’t chosen. In the videos the author already knows the words they’re searching for. I’m trying to find a listing/description of what those are. Sorry, I don’t even know the right language for what these are - but something like a glossary of the libary functions/procedures/variable declarations/actions etc.

Again, I’m sure this is something basic, but I’m having trouble just finding it. I’d appreciate a pointer. Thanks in advance.

You start here:

To find the reference for the Random nodes, you go to Math > Random.

“Set Light Color” you’ll find under Rendering > Components > Light

thank you so much. bookmarked.