Documentation on .uasset format

I was wondering if, besides the source code, there is any documentation regarding the .uasset file format?

We want to create a web-based renderer for blueprint systems to integrate with gitlab.

If not, does anybody know where I could find the relevant source code?
Would a system like this be of interest to others aswel?


I want to add this to our repository system so it can generate the previews on the fly. It cant run UE Editor.

I basically just want to be able to view the blueprint programming nodes without needing to be behind my workstation.

For example, if one of my partners asks me where something is that they need to change I would like to be able to go on my phone and see the contents of the blueprint programming nodes to be able to determine where and what they need to look at.

The easiest way I could think of was integrate it into our source control solution (gitlab).


what for you would like to use raw data from this file? UE4 have constuction scripts for nice preview purposes and content generation, i don’t see any pros yet of using raw file instead of editor.

do you mean screenshot by preview of uasset or any kind of vieport in repository to show 3D model with movement inside it?

i don’t think it’s really easy to open single uasset blueprint to see it’s content, because for many places there should be reference which you won’t parse untill have all dependant uassets

i think it should be possible improve UE4 and make blueprint’s collage (with plugin for example) representing all it’s graph data as images, in this case you’ll get same thing as preview, but without needs to make separate uasset parser since UE4 can wotk with uassets and show it’s content

graph export to image feature already requested Export blueprints as Images - Feedback & Requests - Epic Developer Community Forums i think you have to write here as well to up thread :stuck_out_tongue:

and if it helps somehow selecting nodes in BP and ctrl+c provide text export, for example Oops!

were copied as many text Oops! and as wrote in thread it’s possible paste it in other project even on other PC lol