Documentation on the UV tools? Where's the functionality? (UE5)

I’ve been excitedly exploring the modeling tools in Unreal Engine 5, but I seem to have hit a couple of snags, and I’m hoping that I’m just missing something obvious, or that the documentation isn’t around for it yet. What I’m dealing with is this set of tools, specifically SeamEd, XFormUV, and Layout:

XFormUV is handy, and allows me to move, scale, and rotate UVs on a mesh like you might expect to be able to do in something like 3DS MAX. However… The gizmo doesn’t snap, even though it’s being used in the main editor’s viewport and the snapping options are enabled in the viewport. There are no settings in the Modeling Panel for it either. I’d really like to be able to use this tool, but I just can’t know if the UV is aligned or rotated properly. It seems like it’s all just manual gizmo control, am I wrong? I’d love it if someone could tell me I’m wrong. Anyway, it’s not a big deal usually, as long as you can edit seams, which is why the next issue is a big deal:

SeamEd should be super useful, but… does anyone know why seams can’t be removed? All I can do is add seams, which seems both arbitrary and debilitating. The engine puts seams in places that don’t actually work when trying to properly unwrap something, and I can’t seem to fix it from within Unreal. Am I missing some editor window dedicated to that? I’ve searched pretty broadly and can’t seem to find any real documentation or tutorials that don’t involve 3DS, or RevIt, or similar.

Layout seems like it should be an editor, and unless I’m missing something big, it just isn’t useful. It looks like it should allow someone to edit the way the layout is set up, and move polys in UV space, similar to how one might in the UV editor found in 3DS MAX. But… even though it has a confirmation dialog at the bottom of the viewport, like all the modeling tools, it doesn’t seem to actually do anything?

Can anyone shed some light on these issues? Am I missing something, or do I have tools that look useful, but really aren’t?


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Hey Ashton,
The UV tools on the tab can be really useful for doing some UV work directly in the viewport, but I think what you are looking for is more along the lines of the UV Editor Plugin.

The UV editor is experimental and may not have all of the functionality you are looing for but it will allow you handle some of the items you are mentioning.
Once you select the mesh you want to work with goto Actor->asset tools-> UV Editor

Hope that helps,


That should help a bit, thanks Russell.