Documentation on Delegates

Hello Epic am back “demanding” more :stuck_out_tongue:
I just wanted to find some documentation on delegates but been unable to find it.
Can you please add Delegates to the top Unreal Engine API Reference as well?

And also some explination on how to use and create them.
(Maybe i missed some docs, i dont know. ?)

Thank you.
Best Regards

If you use the search on the documentation site, you should be able to find everything pertaining to Delegates.

The main page is here:

Thank you i actualy found that one.
But i was thinking about the delegates thats allready available in the API.


We can probably add an ‘All Delegates’ index, and improve the way we generate doc pages for delegate signatures. Is that the kind of thing you’re looking for?

Please excuse my late reply, yes that be perfect :D, if its not to much work.
The ability to tell what class they belong to also whould be the cheery on top of the ice cream.