Documentation needs revision for Android SDK/NDK install on 4.7.x and 5.0 beta

There are some small inconsistencies with your step by step guide for [installing the Android SDK/NDK][1]

On step 2.4 after selecting custom there are a couple other screens/settings that your guide doesn’t mention how to handle. Not a major issue but it would probably be useful to include these missing screens in your guide.

If they were accurate I might have have dismissed step 3.4’s inconsistency which turned out to be a major problem. It does not prompt you to agree to the NDK license agreement and only have multiple hours of troubleshooting did I finally learn that it was the reason for my compiler errors when attempting to build the VR Template for the Oculus Quest/Android platform.

The Android Studio installation never prompts you even if you uninstall/reinstall any version of NDK. I had to run sdkmanager --licenses via command prompt before I was asked to agree to any licenses…

I’ve very new to UE4 so if this isn’t the proper/best place to point out documentation errors could somebody please point me to where I should be doing that? Thanks
[1]: Setting Up Android SDK and NDK for Unreal | Unreal Engine Documentation