Documentation is A Pain For c++!!!

Please figure a way to much documentation easier and more defined.

Do you mean, the documentation here on the web site, or do you mean you documenting your own C++ code?

The documentation on the website as far as C++ and unreal engine 4

I would agree… Microsoft has EXCELLENT documentation with examples and pretty much everything laid out. Wish we had that same level.


No chance, the ratio of C++ programmers to blueprinters is 1:1000.

maybe, but money what producsts make probably in same ratio

Of course their’s a chance. I suggest you follow my noob kind guide for learning c++.

Also as I see it as far as having knowledge it’ll be kind of alright to follow along but I need to learn about a game engine and what connects to what point blank… So far as in tutorials you’ll be able to use a controller however you want maybe and pick up and items… Besides all that their’s always a way just more work on the coder to see what goes to what without having previous game engine knowledge… Trust me master c++ like the back of your hand things will start to connect… I have one more book and iI’ll be kind of cool which these live training streams and be on my way It’s dedication and practice!!! Some reason I don’t like blueprints and 12 times faster will be awesome!!!

And then again I don’t know If I was lost because I haven’t read about template programming yet.

We’re talking about the lack of documentation of the Unreal Engine source base. This is different from a lack of C++ language knowledge.
I’m programming in C++ since its invention, so I wouldn’t call me a noob. :wink:

To be clear, with ratio 1:1000, I meant, that there are way more blueprint programmers than c++ programmers using UE4. And blueprints are Epic’s focus.

I totally agree with you… It’s not friendly for people new into video game engines. But I’ll catch the live training streams to get extra knowledge.And that’s some cool advice… I’m able to follow along but their are soem fill in the hole parts I’m not sure because I haven’t read my book on templates yet so this is still a premature post kind of… on having controller variable and amount to on a if statement is huh? then again I have to read a book at template programming until I’m complete