Documentation generation problem for REGION:caption of text blocks


On this page: Understanding the Slate UI Architecture in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation

You can see REGION:caption tags, that look like documentation generation hints to add a caption to atop text blocks, but it’s displayed as another text block. Sorry for the disturbance if that wasn’t a bug, or not the right place to post such bugs.


Hello Jiboo,

Thank you for pointing this out. You’re correct, that is what that tag is for. It must be malfunctioning due to being encased in Monospace indicators. I’ll be fixing this tomorrow and the change will show up the next time they’re published.

Have a nice day!

Thanks, it’s delightful to see your reactivity, kindness and careness (although I’d just like mentioning that I don’t need that fix asap and would understand it if it wouldn’t be fixed by tomorrow :D).