Documentation for World Composition

I wonder if anyone could make a more detailed documentation or a tutorial on the World Composition tool?

I tried to follow the tutorial on the realese-document, but I get stuck, when I come to the part where I can edit the world.

Still no documentation on this? I know its alot of hard work, but I really want to try out this amazing tool :slight_smile:

Check out this video from Nate Elwick, he goes over how to use it from version 4.2, things have changed slightly (you use the “Levels” window now instead of world composition, and it is there automatically, you don’t need to turn on an experimental feature) but for the most part it is the same, and it works the way he explains it. The audio is a bit weird, but does not affect the video much.

There still needs to be better documentation I agree, but hopefully this helps you get started! :slight_smile:


There is documentation
We are also working on a world composition showcase, which should be released soon.

Any ETA on this showcase ? Hopefully it will show how to sculpt across two adjoining landscape tiles so this doesn’t happen.


Hi chipdawg,

It looks like you have two separate landscapes entirely here. How did you create them and add them to the world composition browser? When you create landscapes in world content browser it should just allow you to cross multiple components. Additionally, if you import a tiled landscape it should do the same thing. I’ll be happy to test this on my end if you can list what steps you are taking to reproduce this!

I followed the example in the youtube video given in this thread. I used distance streaming instead of the bounds as in the video.

I would prefer a tutorial from Unreal now that this tool is no longer experimental but either one has not yet been created or I just can’t find it.

Thanks for your quick reply. Hopefully you will be able to steer me in the right direction.


Edit: changed the uploaded image

After reading the documentation several more times I discovered what I was missing:

Right-clicking on a level tile to summon the context menu which has a Landscape Actor inside will bring an option for adding adjacent levels with landscape proxy Actors in them. This requires the adjacent levels landscapes have size equal to source Landscape size.

Following these instructions allowed me to sculpt the landscape as I desired. But an Unreal tutorial on this would still be great to see.