Documentation for unreal editor events?

So I am building some tools for my game level editing and I am looking for events like"postEditProperty" or “postEditChanged”, which are in-editor events.

I am just wondering if there is any documentation for these events so it would be easier for people like me to work with the editor.
And is there any topic about building tools for UE4? I think maybe pro devs don’t need it but for college students like me it’s frustrating to figure out how this works.

I also want to know what event gets called when the actors get moved inside editor when they are dragged by mouse?


PostEditChange() is not event, it a notification function that calls PostEditChangeProperty with a empty struct, so you should always use PostEditChangeProperty

void UObject::PostEditChange(void)
	FPropertyChangedEvent EmptyPropertyUpdateStruct(NULL);

void UObject::PostEditChangeProperty(FPropertyChangedEvent& PropertyChangedEvent)
	FCoreUObjectDelegates::OnObjectPropertyChanged.Broadcast(this, PropertyChangedEvent);

thanks for the clarification. But it seems like PostEditChangeProperty doesn’t get triggered when I drag & move the actors in the editor

Then i guess you need to use this, it not only notify change, but you can override behavior during draging:

There also functions for diffrent operations:

You should really learn to search in API refrence:

that’s what I need. Thanks