Documentation for code plugins in 4.8

So I’ve heard that plugins have been updated in 4.8 to allow you to do things in the engine code that previously meant you had to modify the engine directly.

I’ve been through the 4.8 release notes but I can’t find any mention of this. Is there any documentation anywhere about this and the other latest plugin changes? Even a loose description would be good.

Would love to see some updated docs on plugins as well myself. I get the feeling a LOT has changed since the prelim docs were written up and it would be get to get an update on the current state.

For general changes I’ve straight up found that looking at existing plugins like the Leap and Paper2D plugins covered off most of the new ways of doing old things.

I have a feeling this one thing won’t have a lot of examples though. The latest Substance plugin will be making use of it but we probably don’t have source for that.