[Documentation for 4.6.1] Performance Tools Documentation invalid

The current state of the documentation for Performance Tools main topic looks like a copy/paste bug. This is for the link: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/UI/LevelEditor/PerformanceTools/index.html

It reads:

Performance Tools

At the top of the Level Editor window, at the right side of the Tab Bar, you will find a series of performance and debugging tools.

From left to right, they are:


Number Name Description
1 Console Command Bar This text field is used to input console commands within the editor.
2 Source Control Status This shows the current status of the integrated Perforce server.

Hi CombatJack,

I am placing a request to update the documentation. In the meantime, the “Source Control” button is in the same location and you can bring up the “Console Commands” any time by pressing the “~” (tilde) key.

Thanks for bringing this discrepancy in the documentation to our attention.