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I have copy pasted the exact code from the official documentation (lesson5:practice time) which claims ‘If you run this code, you should see your Fortnite character take 50.0 damage when your game starts!’.
But when I run that code nothing happens to my characters HP in fortnite.
What am I doing wrong?

Hi Ego,

I saw a thread about the same thing recently. It looks like the solution is to try it in a new blank level.

I do wonder about the source of the confusion though. Before trying in a new map: Do you have multiple verse devices placed? If so: If you remove all except this one, does it work?

Tagging @UsedTires since they mentioned they are on the docs team.


Hey there! Let me see if I can get an answer for you!

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You probably didn’t place the “hello_world_device” in the scene. Go into your content browser, then creatives and then drag that “hello_world_device” into the scene.

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I did that and it worked tnx!. Seems like an initial glitch but after creating a new blank level it worked.

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I wonder what the requirements are to make this happen. I put this code in an older project, didn’t remove anything or place the code device again and it worked fine. There must be something blocking this from happening that can be repeatable.


I appreciate your answer, It worked in a new level. Thank you!

I appreciate your answer, while it did work in a new level… I really wonder why it didn’t work in my previous level when it was a blank new project. I even tried doing the same thing after creating a new project with nothing but ‘player spawners’ and the verse device, but it still wouldn’t work unless I create a new level. Maybe a bug? I’m still confused but since I know that the code works just fine, I should be able to continue with the next lesson in the verse documentation. Thank you!

I did place it in a blank project with nothing but player spawners. But, it still wouldn’t work until I create a new level. Maybe it is a glitch?
Either way thanks for your answer I appreciate it.

A Verse developer got back to me and said it could be a bad Island Settings device. He said if you delete the device and add a new one then your code should work.

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