[Documentation] Blueprints Only - feedback

Small feedback on the document https://rocket.unrealengine.com/docs/ue4/INT/Gameplay/Introduction/ClassCreationBasics/BlueprintOnly/index.html

I just started with Rocket and decided to start with programming, so I followed that tutorial. I got stuck for a while on the last step (to set DesiredBrightness): that variable wouldn’t show up on the Defaults tab. Finally I realized I had to hit Compile for it to show. I suggest adding this information on that page.

Speaking of documentation, I also suggest a Send Feedback form on documentation pages, so we can easily send feedback, corrections, etc.

Hi Jefferson!

Each of the Class Creation Basics pages was meant to be a general overview of a class created with C++, Blueprints, or a combination of C++ and Blueprints, rather than a tutorial. There are some more step-by-step procedures on the Tutorials page, and you may also find the Blueprint maps in the Content Examples project useful as examples for getting started with Blueprints programming.

Thanks! :slight_smile: