Documentation and Wiki issues

I’ve noticed that searching the documentation for c++ classes is not working. If I search something (example: “Get Location”) and select the “C++ API”, it doesn’t bring up any C++ documentation or classes. Instead it brings up answerhub questions, and blueprint nodes, which is the exact opposite of what i’m looking for.

I’ve also found that the wiki is completely broken. All code formatting (using <syntaxhighlight lang=“cpp”>) is non functional and it makes any article extremely hard to read.

Are these issues that will be fixed?

+1. Please fix the code highlights epic!

I got a workaround for this problem for someone who wants to solve it on their own.

  1. Go to and put the link of the wiki page you want to read for example this broken one
  2. You will see a calendar with the snapshots taken from that URL. Just go to an older snapsot (I clicked the 9th of April one)
  3. See the results! Authoritative Networked Character Movement - Epic Wiki

Hope it helps, it drive me crazy before finding this solution :slight_smile:

Since latest updates the wiki code integration has been completely broken, i thought it was gonna last only a couple days but it’s been weeks.

This is really irritating :confused:

+1 looking forward for the update.