Documentation and HLDs

I am learning the inside of the engine to create new features needed by my group game design. I created some cool features so far, and now I am working in the navigation system department to add support. It is really hard to find documentations that are not APIs or just way of use which are really good , but I am more interested in documents for the software design and class relations, maybe some High Level Design or Low Level Designs or even some UML flow graphs. some documents the programmers of the code created for programmers and not for users. Are they available somewhere. I would really appreciate access to those documents Epic uses I would pay for it if needed. please any help will save me a lot of time reading code and will be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Hello mdluffy, I’d like to have this kind of stuff too but to be honest d’ont expect to have access to them. I mean yes when you suscribe to the engine you have access to the code, the docs API and you can even modiffy the code, but for this last part, don’t forget it’s a proprietary engine, they have their IP’s and I don’t think they will show their “secrets” architecture, working process and so on.

On first place, it’s not a total open source engine, again it’s proprietary engine. Anyway, just read the term agreements you accepted it’s written in it. Finally it would be the same to ask NVidia to give us the plans behind their graphic cards or their API’s such CUDA.

I’d like to have these too but we can’t count on it and that’s normal, it’s a company and they need to make money.


Have a good day and good look on modify the engine, I did too, sometimes it’s hard, but hey I like challenges !