Documentation actor & Content Example Download

Hi everyone,

Hey, i have downloaded UnrealEngine 4.5 Preview , very happy & exited , thank Epic but i read First :

I’m a little confused about the Content Examples Free Samples in the market place , i see Not compatible with 4.5 Preview (but Content added 03 october 2014) ?

In **Choose Version **Download button , Unreal Engine 4.5 isn’t in the list ?

I can only choose 4.4.3 only or above ? Can you check it ?

Thank .

Hi Chris,

This is expected. Once 4.5 is officially released and out of “Preview” status you will the option for 4.5 versions of content.

You can convert in place and this should not cause any issues.



ok good , with my small connexion, i downloaded yestusday , i will look it now , thank you