Docs website functionality - Open in new tab and top navbar rendering

Currently the way the docs pages work is really, really bothersome at least to me.
I can’t open any links in new tabs the normal way since the javascript overrides what the mouse clicks and modifier keys like Ctrl are supposed to do. In practice it means that if I CTRL + Click (or click with middle mouse button) it doesn’t open a link in a new tab, it instead opens in the current tab. It’s really annoying to browse that way when I’m trying to piece together a mental map of something that spans multiple pages. Only thing that works is Right Click -> Open in new tab.

Second issue is the top navbar. Why does it appear a second or so later after rest of the page has been loaded and rendered? It is really (I can’t stress this enough) distracting to scan a page for some tidbits of information and then suddenly the page shifts two centimeters down because the navbar decided to appear. It should render at the same time as rest of the page.

You must be using Chrome. :slight_smile: I’ve been meaning to fix the middle click thing for a while, but hadn’t had a chance yet. Your post and last Friday being Epic Friday gave me the little push I needed to fix it. You may have to refresh to update the javascript, but middle clicking should open in a new tab now.

The header issue is annoying, I agree. I can’t make it display at the same time as the rest of the page (due to some limitations of our documentation site), but I may be able to keep the jumping around from occurring. I’ll look into it.

Nice job, that was really fast :slight_smile:
(ctrl + mouse click doesn’t work yet though)

And yeah, the page jump fix would be lovely too.

Ctrl + Left Mouse Button should open in a new tab now as well.