Docking not working on second monitor

Hey guys.

I’ve got a second monitor that is not setup to clone my first. I drag the content browser pane over to the second monitor and dock it fullscreen fine. I then drag a second panel across and am expecting that one to dock alongside the content browser, but it appears that the second panel is now not aware of the content browser panel and does not dock against it.

It would be useful for all docking to work across multiple monitors.

Hi Zoombapup,

I understand the desire - there are some tricky layout restoring issues related to allowing tabs associated with an asset to be docked inside nomad tabs (the content browser), which is why it won’t let you dock them. But thanks for the feedback - we’ll continue to try and improve the docking system to permit better multiple monitor workflows.

Nick (Epic Games)

Hello there,

What is the panel you’re trying to dock? Pop-up windows like Blueprints, Persona, etc. can only be docked inside other pop-up windows. Can you drag the details panel over to your second monitor for example and dock the content browser in it?



This may not be monitor related, some tabs cannot be docked with others because of hierarchy. The content browser can only dock with additional content browsers. However the content browser can dock anywhere on the page. You can find out more about how tabs and layout with the editor works here:

I hope that helps!


Hmm, now you ask I can’t remember which panel it was. Think it was the one that defaults to above the content browser. I’ll check tomorrow.

One option would be to allow docking aside instead of within each other. So as windows 7+ does when you drag a window near the side of the screen. I understand multi-monitor stuff is a pain though, but might as well use the extra screen realestate.

Hi. Thank you for working on the engine.

And it would be the best if this feature be implemented though. It allow to be at the most efficient work space possible.

Thank you anyway.

  • Ebrahim

Im just trying to keep the option for my content browser to open up on my second monitor each time. Is there an option for this now in 2022?