Docked windows rearrange themselves after engine restart

Hello. It would be nice if we could set the order of the docked windows on the sidebars. Currently we can’t rearrange them, but we can set up the order by docking the windows in the desired order, and they will just get docked from top to bottom. But this order is only temporary, if I restart UE5, they’ll be rearranged.

I tried saving and loading the window layout, but the issue remains, it seems like docked windows aren’t saved with the rest of the layout.

Furthermore, I have a content browser docked, in which I set up a filter for levels, disabled the sources panel, changed the view type to columns, etc. (so that I can quickly jump around my levels). All of these changes get reverted after I quit UE5. But only if the window is docked.

(Side note: I absolutely LOVE the new docking feature, it frees up like 40% of my screenspace. But I hope this issue gets fixed.)

Upon further inspection it seems like the order (after restart) depends on how the windows were last arranged before they got docked to the sidebar. Like they remember that they were in an A B C D order (tabs next to each other), and even if I dock them to the sidebar in B D C A order, after a restart they’ll be docked as A B C D on the sidebar.