Dock shows up while in game build because mouse isn't locked to screen centre

Dock is showing up when I mouse to left of screen on OS X:

Hey cgbeige,

Just to confirm, is this happening only during a packaged build? Have you gotten same results packing and playing one of premade examples such as ShooterGame?

And I know we keep , but could you give us your full system specs again, please?


ya, I just tried it and shootergame has same issue when run with fullscreen with alt-enter. My config:

Mac Pro 2013 8-core with FirePro D700 and dual Dell U2713HM screens.

Hey cgbeige,

I apologize for delay in response. I entered a bug report for this and I believe it has been fixed as of 4.2.1. If you are still experiencing this issue after updating, please let us know. Thanks!