Docherty Music ~♪~ Music and Sound Design.


My name is , I’m a Professional Composer and Sound Designer based in Pennsylvania, and I’m always looking for exciting projects to get involved with. I can produce music in a variety of different genres and have experience with Unreal, Wwise, and FMod, and am always working on new skills. If you’d like to hear some of my music and sfx, simply follow the links below to my website.

If you’re looking to contact me, please email at , or Discord at

Thank you for your time!


Cardcade - CARDCADE - Menu Music (Instrumental) - YouTube

Dinosauria: Confinement - Dinosauria: Confinement Trailer. - YouTube

Firesaurus Rex - Firesaurus Rex ~♪~ Menu Theme - YouTube

Super Wonderful Land - - YouTube

Retro Showreel - CHIPTUNE AND 8-BIT SHOWREEL ~♪~ Daniel Docherty. - YouTube

Horror Showreel - HORROR SHOWREEL ~♪~ Daniel Docherty Music. - YouTube

Sci Fi and Space Showreel - SCI FI AND SPACE SHOWREEL ~♪~ Daniel Docherty Music. - YouTube