Doc Search API Results 404

Search is powered by Google, so it takes time until there spiders collect and update data as URL has changed, in API Refrence main page there functions and types index, you can use that for now with Ctrl+F

When searching the docs at all API results return a 404 error.

For example

then click on the api tab then first result links to

which is currently a 404

This doesn’t really address your problem, but there are offline docs available at UnrealEngine/Engine/Documentation .

For now, replace the word “Runtime” in the URL with “RuntimeModules”. Less than optimal, but this seems to work while they update.

Thats also 404.

Looks like whole API refrence is down right now :frowning: There offline version of API reference in Engine/Documentation/CHM that you can use for now :slight_smile:

Seems like this is down again! :\

Yup, it looks like now you need to replace “RuntimeModules” with “Runtime” again.

Thanks for the response, eddyluten! That worked. :slight_smile:

Seems that this is an issue again, but with the opposite URL. Needing to replace “RuntimeModules” with “Runtime”.