Do you want colors in your notepad++ using Unrealscript?

Go and go to the Notepad++ menu, of up, Language->J->Javascript voila! give colors to your coding life… works with newest…

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User keys words & C++ preset work fine to me :slight_smile:

class extends const array var struct cpptext if else while replication event function Switch defaultproperties Super delegate none other editinline repnotify virtual default AddEventListener ConsoleCommand Actor Object ActorComponent Component Pawn WorldInfo PhysicalMaterial SoundCue ParticleSystem SkeletalMeshComponent Controller PlayerController DamageType StaticMeshComponent PlayerReplicationInfo Canvas HUD Volume PhysicsVolume FluidSurfaceActor SequenceEvent Sequence Object SpriteComponent Inventory PrimitiveComponent ParticleSystemComponent LightEnvironmentComponent ForceFeedbackWaveform AudioComponent DynamicLightEnvironmentComponent LightEnvironment Components StaticMesh MaterialInterface LadderVolume PlayerStart CylinderComponent InventoryManager Weapon Mesh PlayerInput GFxClikWidget GFxObject PlayerOwner Material WidgetBindings abstract native nativereplication hidecategories private transient deprecated editconst static final simulated out local localized globalconfig config protected auto notplaceable placeable dependson implements case break TRUE FALSE 


And you can add a shortcut in the “Run” menu to launch the compiler and the game using a bat file.

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Yeah I already do that