Do you use BP or C++?

Hi, what you use in development?

What games who use BP?

I mainly use Blueprint with some C++ where needed.

I think most released UE games uses a combination of the two.

I also mainly use blueprints as they are super easy to use and you dont need any programming skills. :smiley:
For special stuff like editor extensions I switch to C++.


…fine. Yes, I use both, just whichever suits the task better. Some things require C++, while others you’re better off just doing it quickly in blueprint to get a prototype out.

I get what you mean, but I think this notion that blueprints are not programming need to go. From a concepts point of view it is actually a pretty standard imperative OOP language, just using a more graphical interface for creating the source.

It mainly depends on the scale of your project, and the genres and it’s design, some games cannot be made with blueprint and some others can with the help of c++ and some uses only BP

If the nodes don’t exist in Blueprint for the task at hand, then you need to use C++. Simple as that.

However, I believe Blueprints are better for prototyping and building simple things. Complex node graphs are a nightmare. Monolithic variable lists in BPs are a nightmare. The beauty of the interaction between BP and C++ is that you can choose what to hide/show through C++. There’s no reason to expose some functional boolean variable to BPs when people shouldn’t mess with it.

The workflow should work such that people can Prototype in Blueprints while programmers transition that logic into C++…without stepping on each other’s toes.

If you’re a lone wolf programmer, you can follow similar practices, but often times you can go straight into C++.

  1. Create base class in C++
  2. Extend into BPs
  3. Prototype some ideas
  4. Finalize ideas
  5. Transfer logic into base class in C++

Both C++ have it strengths and Blueprints have their own.

Blueprints are great for learning, prototyping making platter code between C++ and game.
C++ is great when your code gets too big to maintain in blueprints. Or for some complicated algorithms, that are Cthulhu in blueprints.