Do you think UE4 is able as is today to create an Ori and the blind forest?

Yes, no, why.

Yep, it should be possible to create something like that -> you can do everything with the UE4 (source code). Actually it’s just a sidescroller -> so the sidescroller template is a good start. :slight_smile:

Maybe I should have been more precise, I meant using the UE4 without touching it’s source code.

I think you can probably make any type of game with Unreal.

It’s more about the skill level of your programmers and artists that will determine what you can create.

I havent played the game, but from what I have seen, you dont have to touch the source code. :slight_smile:

short answer: yes, that’s just a side scroller.

long answer: yes, you only need to mess with source code if you want to add some functionality to the engine it doesn’t already have, I googled the game you mention and it looks like an every day side scroller just with a particular art style and everything you need to make it a game like that already exists in engine(except for the assets;))

I’ve read the devs experience from start to finish, and they detailed a few things about the project that couldn’t be done, at least when using Unity, so they needed to modify/tweak/etc some things to make it work.

Also an user here said something about sprites not having transparency or something like that, but didn’t dig into it too much.

If you don’t test it out you’ll never know.

Could you post us the things that couldnt be done with Unity? Then when can tell you if those things will work in the UE4 :slight_smile:

For example they talk about having to develop their own text engine, and others stuff too, here is the link:

This interview has a great point:

Unreal Engine, as well as Unity, build with idea of custom tools, because any developer understand you can’t create intricate game without real effort. Default UE4 and Unity are just starting points for your projects, nothing more.

With your approach you can’t even say that Ori could be created with Unity, because they modified and extended default engine.

I really recommend to stop trash-talking(no offence, my personal opinion!) and start developing games :stuck_out_tongue:

Unity out of the box requires and expects of you the ability to build custom tools; it’s an incomplete engine feature wise.
UE4, after going public, is also an incomplete engine (3rd party tools had to be removed).

Frankly, It’s Absolutely not about if UE4 can do this or not. The Question is can you do a Game like this? UE4 is a very nice and Powerful Tool but without Skills you wont be able to Develop anything.

When did I trash-talk? I just created a thread (in the offtopic forum) about this game I consider very beautifully done, and I was wondering if UE4 out of the box can achieve this, just out of curiosity, that’s all.

Wrong, it is absolutely about if UE4 can do this, because that’s what I asked :).

100% No doubt that Unreal could be used make Ori. It could also be used to make Braid, Pokemon and Flappy Bird