Do you think that we can use used programs icons in the "about menu"?

Hello, if in the “about menu” (just part of menu, not a part of gameplay) I put all used programs with their icons, will it be legal? Maybe better to draw these icons badly in Paint? I read that to use Unreal Engine intro I need to ask Epic first, but I not sure about icon.

Most icons will be trademarked and therefore very likely require permission from the companies that own them. “Drawing them badly” in Paint won’t help you at all since they’d still have a valid case if the icons were recognizable, and if they weren’t, there would hardly be a reason to put them there in the first place.

Reach out to the companies, search for branding guidelines, and ask for written permission that you can use their logos.

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Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: I planned to add programs names + icons in a “about menu” bacause there only me (one-man show :slight_smile: ), but I have never seen that someone did that. Its not AAAA game, more like my acquaintance with Unreal Engine 4, so I dont think that companies will be really interested do give me that premission :slight_smile: Game dont have something dirty, so used programs without icons will be fine then?

Hmmm, but what if I put programs workpace on background of about/credits menu? My game can looks much more simple then than really is, and workspace can change it :smiley:

No icons, no workspaces, no problems.