Do you think I should use root motion or not? Beginner*

Hey guys,

I was wondering what you guys would think, ive been playing with my state machines and having a lot of fun using a non root motion system for the basic movement, because I dont want the delay it creates using root motion, but Im in the process of adding a ledge grab vaulting sort of system, aiming for the same concept as say PUBG has created. Ive heard that its usually better to switch into root motion to do these to make it smoother, but I was wondering what you think… For example one thing I dont like without root motion, when you jump and grab a wall, it looks a bit weird jumping then entering the grab pose, where as in root motion it would start the animation to jump up onto the wall correct?

If you arent familiar with PUBG Ill link a video of the vaulting so you can see what system I really enjoy to use when gaming.
Now I believe at the time 15s surely that must be root motion?? but normal locomotion is not root motion it seems too responsive?

Thanks guys!


At the moment there is little information as to practical application as to root motion but in my experience so far the results are better than in place as far as maintaining a grounded character.

If you have network requirements though replication becomes a problem as RM bypasses the need for the movement component necessary to keep all of the clients synced .


For stand alone and local game play has a lot of advantages as the animations controls all aspects

If you need network features then in-place is still the way to go until some kind of movement component is made available

I put this into practice and it seems to have been a good choice, thank you for the advice on the multiplayer too Frankie, appreciate the response :slight_smile: