do you think Hideo Kojima should be use UE4 for his new game?

I mean in the case the “fox engine” cant be used (since I think is Konami’s property). Instead of creating a new engine or something?

Maybe, the studio is too new to know for sure. Square Enix is using UE4, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if another Japanese studio used it. His studio used Softimage a lot in the past (at least for Metal Gear IV), which isn’t the most seamless 3d application to use with UE4.

he should try and come up with a new idea rather than forever make MGS games.
there hasn’t been a captivating MGS story since PSX/PS2 so the mostly rehashed gameplay and open empty terrain is boring and hard to finish.

his ideas are out there and some are amazing, but he benefits from being reigned in and probably needs that to release anything coherent. I was hoping when he went to Sony that someone else, anyone else would own the rights to MGS so he would finally move on and prove his genius by doing something new. I could be wrong but I saw a headline on IGN that said “kojima to work on large-scale MGS game” but i didnt really read it. meh… that would sadden me.

I’m curious to see how he will adapt to this ‘indie’ new life of his;
He is far from being poor, after MGS5 sales he proly has more than $40 millions in bank now, but I want to see how he will make his memorable games without wasting all that money in one year.

Would be wise to use UE4 to reduce costs, because Sony won’t fund his studio they just have a timed exclusive deal signed; but this guy never liked to use pre-made engines, I wait to see what his moves are.
I bet he’ll keep hiring engineers to build custom engines and we may see a Kickstarter very soon if Deltoro joins him again.

I think he said he doesn’t mind it since he’s grown to it in the past and is interested because he has a lot more freedom than before.

So of course being on a Unreal forum I wouldn’t say he shouldn’t use it.
But the only one that can answer that is him as we have no idea what his next game will be like.
He has to pick an engine that fits his needs and if his next game is a 2D isometric rpg then he might even want to go with Godot.

Now realistically, assuming that he wants to continue making games like MGS then yes I think UE4 would be an excellent choice.
And as has been mentioned earlier Square Enix has switched their focus onto UE4 so if Kojima were to adopt it as well then the Japanese development community would be able to cross polinate well.

MGS was a stolen idea in the first place, but some game mechanics were first at that time.

You only use a generic engine if you have no money to build your own;
He has no reason whatsoever to use public game engines… There’s a lot (a LOT) of code and features inside Unreal/Unity/Whatever that most of its users never need and they are just eating resources and damaging performance. But, these engines must appeal to as many different developers as possible to survive so they add all the features they can.
A lot of things for everyone, but at same time a lot of things a particular project will never need and could save performance if those could be removed.

Not to mention that depending on the team you have, you might already have a process flow for asset creation that works perfectly for your needs, so it would make switching to someone else’s engine more difficult.

Yes, a good example is when Kojima productions gave Platinum Games the task to build Metal Gear Rising.
Platinum failed to adapt and could not use the Fox game engine at all; they requested Kojima to start over and rebuild the game using their own in-house tech instead of trying to learn how to use Fox engine.