Do you sometimes get stuck with a very basic implementation for more than a day?


Was wondering if anyone else ever gets stuck with a super basic implementation of something.
For example in my case i implemented ledge grabbing systems. Now the overall system was not too basic where i got stuck or am stuck is pretty basic.

You see in my situation everything was working fine apart from one tiny transition animation not happening the way it should. It would go to the incorrect state. After troubleshooting i noticed hey ****… there is an engine bug.
So i created a small workaround… which works pretty well. In fact it works 100 %

Except this tiny change to get around the engine bug then nullified all my work.
So i started rebuilding the entire ledge grabbing system.

But now im stuck trying to get another transition issue resolved. Which at the end of the day is a simple boolean check.
But for the love of all that is holy and unholy… i cannot for the life of me… get it to work. If i fix one thing… 6 other animations break down. All from one simple tiny minuscule bug i caught in the engine. And i am still contemplating if i should just rather go mow the lawn outside.

With that being said… i guess the question is simple.
Do you sometimes get hung up on a seemingly simple implementation for hours on end?

Sometimes the same happens to me when I’m programming some stuff → but that’s how programming works…you fix a bug and 6 new ones appear and you get stuck with some very basic things :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you already reported the bug? :slight_smile:

Exactly… i wonder if there is a thing such as coders block.
There was an instance today where i stared at an issue for 1 hour. Literally… just looking at it trying to understand what needs to be done. But for the life of me… my mind just refused to fire.

Almost like a blank area in time and space.

As for the bug report. Negative. Its an intermittent bug. I reported another one today, but didn’t feel like troubling Epic with this specific issue. Mostly because its easy to work around it… and also well, its intermittent and i didn’t feel like creating another test case to be able to communicate how to exactly reproduce it.
So i just created a general post on answerhub Movement Component - Flying Mode Incorrectly registers character as on floor - UE4 AnswerHub

So what do you think? Coders block is real? Or Logic Block? Cant really call working with blueprints coding :stuck_out_tongue:

4 days, implemented a RTS camera. Zooms in adn out but WASD just doesn’t work.At my wits end. You are not alone.

Getting stuck on basic implementation is one of the worst things about being a programmer. We’ve all been there. :slight_smile:

Excellent. Its comforting finding out this does indeed happen. I was starting to wonder if i have acquired brain damage.

A light of hope for you my friend.

I managed to solve the problem with help of many people. My implementation works now (check the same thread)

You can do it ! :smiley:

Somethings sometimes look very simple in the paper, but may end as very complicated implementation. Is common occurrence in programming.

Other way round, i work on a system for 2 hours, take a break and while getting a coffee or something i realise “Oh god, i could have just made it like this and it would work.”

And yes, like the others already said, we all stuck on simple things, but sometimes it is due to overcomplicating things. It doesn’t matter what system you want to create, start with the
smallest thing and work yourself up to your goal. Like, creating an AI? Start with a simple running one and add the next part one by one. Better than thinking about how to create
that full thing in one step.

In theory practice is simple.

That’s why I have very little patience for academics.