Do you *really* use the Marketplace for finding sound effects?

I’ve started using Unreal to expand my skillset and it’s been a fun experience. But I have to say that I’ve been a little confounded by the offerings of the audio marketplace. I’m coming from a background in film & TV where I regularly buy and use sound libraries - they are a huge part of my workflow. Here’s what I’d expect to see on the product page for a sound library:

  • Compilation demo of the sound effects
  • PDF or Excel spreadsheet of the files, including duration of the sounds, metadata and other technical info
  • Notes on how the sounds in the library can be layered together to create unique “random” sounds in the engine

What I’m seeing on the audio marketplace is people writing “this library has 20 files of X theme of sound effect” and calling it a day at that. The problem is that you don’t know what you’re buying. You need to know if those ambiances are 2 minutes long or a mere 20 seconds. Does the package have a single gunshot sound (useless) or multiple firings of each weapon (useful) recorded from multiple perspectives (even more useful!)

There are rare exceptions of course, but given that there’s only 55 items under the soundfx tag there’s not a lot of variety or competition to stir people into making a more comprehensive product. For comparison A Sound Effect is my go-to place for libraries these days. So given all that I’m genuinely curious if people use the marketplace for audio

I thought most of them had Soundcloud links?

Most of them have a preview on either soundcloud or youtube where they show all of the sound effects/music tracks with some kind of annoying noise in the background. I would obviously not buy something where I never heard how it sounds.

Oh that’s the other thing. The ones that do have demos often mix the music way too loud that clash with the sounds. Compare this with someone like Tim Prebble who produces both audio and video demos that show off the versatility of the library. Not saying everyone has to do video too, but it’s not hard to make a good audio demo.

There are so many cool ppl on soundcloud. I search there for musicans and it works well.
Standardsounds i recorded and morphed, with audacity for prototyping, but even for that i got cool offers.
The best thing is:
No one is talking about money so far.

Hey i just bought StepsSFX Pack.

If i can tell would be happy to see some sounds fx on marketplace