Do you need to know how to draw to be a character animator for video games?

I really want to work on character animation for video games–that’s my vocation in life, I think. I love the overall look and feel of the finished character models of my favorite games, and I love thinking up ways to create, innovate, and spruce up a particular character’s costume in my head. I can spend hours on a game just looking at all the amazing, stunning fastidiousness demonstrated in the details of the characters and their clothes–I’m truly memorized by it. And I already have a familiarity with animation (I use Blender) and computer programming (sort of; it’s a passing familiarity, but I’m passionate and I’d love to learn more about this stuff).

Only problem is: I have no clue how to draw. Not in the slightest. I know you need that skill to become an animator, but every time I’ve tried before, every time I start getting into it, I start getting out of it by thinking of how long it’ll take me to get remotely good at even the most basic of sketches. It’s a never ending journey with art, you never quit learning, at least that’s what people say–and that’s really overwhelming because if I were to start again, I’d be starting kind of late. I’d have to constantly refine my lacking artistic prowess, and in addition to doing that, I’d have to also learn more about animation. I don’t think I can juggle both; they’re both so time-consuming.

So, do you really need to know how to draw to be a character animator for games? I’m afraid I already know the answer, but I thought I might as well make sure.