do you need to know advanced mathematics to program for UE4?

As it says.

Does one really need a computer science degree to do programming? and building games?

What about things like C# and Java that is taught in IT degrees, I assume those are generally used in the business sector to develop business applications?

Since a Computer Science degree is C++ and requires lots of maths where as IT degrees are C# and don’t require maths?

Do you need a Computer Science degree to build games in UE4? or Can a Associate Degree in IT be enough?

no you don’t really need a computer science degree to build games in UE4 the most important is passion.
it’s a real bonus if you know advanced math it will make your life much easier.

But im not experienced so i don’t know how it is when it comes down to advanced AI and such XD
hopefully some UE4 veteran can answer your question more properly.

You need computer science degree to build something like UE4, but it’s definitely not required for creating games with UE4.

Aah nice.

Also since I have a Asc Degree in Computer Studies, I am trying to master my programming skills. so that when I go for a Job I will have a wide knowledge of different languages. I want you to have a look at this for me

This is a Job offered locally where I live. Like almost all programming Jobs down here, its strictly Business type programming which requires languages like C# and JAVA and SQL
would you say these types of Jobs need need a computer science degree?

Or hard work, learning as much about programming and the language as I can and building a game in UE4 combined IT degree will do just as fine?

Do you think that if I show an employer that I built a game in UE4 would be an asset to getting a programming Job in the business field? would it show that I am a dedicated person and therefore does have a good understanding of programming?


  • Good knowledge of C#, Java, SQL required
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
    - Strong background in User Interface development (web, mobile)
  • Knowledge of HTML, PHP, JavaScript is an asset
    We are looking for Software Developers to join our Product Development Team and work on our Web services (LinkUp), Mobile Payment Platform (yooz)

As I read this Ad, even though the requirement in Bold is third down on their list, I suspect its the key area they would push for at interview. ‘Work on our Web services’ is a big hint. So web knowledge and specifically a good understanding of ICT, security (and the looming privacy aspects of web payment systems) will be important.

In short, I think you’ll need related work experience, not just a B.Sc Comp-Sci degree. But sometimes you can get that through an internship, final year Computer Science thesis or a masters in Computer Science specializing in this area. However, most will still ask for related work experience just to forewarn you…

Having a ready-built video game probably won’t help here, unless the game happens to have a strong element of game theory related to web payment systems or a working multiplayer lobby and networking system. Both of which seem unlikely since you’re just starting out.

^ yeah does not seem like anything you need maths for am i right?

Just very good knowledge of web/mobile UI development and C#, JAVA and SQL?

Seems like something a IT degree would be more than adequate am I right?

Math knowledge is very helpful, aspecially if you want to create custom movement and any other positional computations, as well as advance materials. UE4 can do a lot, but not everything, sometimes you need to go beyond borders. If you don’t have math skill, one day you might hit a wall and depend on work of others… which does not need to be bad thing, you can still make a game.

Web programming is little different expirance, unlike web where you generate text on http request, game is about updating state and generating frames in miliseconds, so you will need to switch some pipes in brain. C# and JAVA expirance will be useful, but SQL expirance might be useless here, you definitly won’t be able operate data in memory like that. The web skill overall can be useful if you want to create back-end for your game, also in UMG which layouting is kind of similar to Androids UI system, which is similar to HTML layouting.

I have decided that I would stick to learning business programming. I first thought that I could make a game and make money off it, then I was told that I am better off focusing on the business sector where a much more realistic income can be had.

I thought first that if I built a game in UE4 or Unity, it would demonstrate to an employer that I have skills if I was to apply for a job in the IT business sector but I was given advice that I should instead learn programming but do so by building a android app, and web program connected to a database with java script as this would demonstrate to an employer and have a lot more weight in showing I have the skills needed for a programing job in IT for business.

+1 Sounds sensible…

If you do ever come up with a killer idea for a game though, pursue it head-on, as passion is everything!

^ thanks dude I will keep it in mind.

For mi this is like more the skills required to create a MMORPG game for mobile platforms.


I’ve been using a lot more trigonometry than I ever realized I would. This isn’t necessarily required, but at least this level of math should be achieved before working with graphics and utilizing mathematical functions and equations in the implementation of said graphics, however common they may be.

You don’t need to know advanced math, but you do need to know how to write equations. For example: If you want to make a Minecraft-like game, you’ll need to know how to convert an index in an array to the X, Y, and Z coordinates of a block, something like that would look like:
x = remainderOf(index / ((yworldBlocksTall) + (zworldBlockWide))) / x*worldBlocksWide

Or if you want to generate an array in a circular shape, etc… A lot of things require writing algorithms, so if you know how, that is great. A knowledge of SIN COS TAN is nice, and at least 10th grade math.

I wrote this post assuming you will be working for yourself.

All of programmers use math all the time, they just don’t realize it because it is so much different than math taught at school. Discreet math, lambda calculus, Boolean algebra, logic (!) are really advanced math concepts that we use every day.

I learn tons of math in a computer science bach degree. I use almost none of it in my work position. the logic and problem solving I learned/learning from the math is irreplaceable imo. but I don;'t really see why you need a knowledge of linear algebra or physics if you are not building an engine. basic understanding of math is great