Do you need light maps ...

Hi everyone …

This is really a Blender question.
I did post this on a Blender forum and waiting for response.
Do you guys know how Blender handles light maps if you are doing everything inside Blender and NOT exporting to a game engine?
Just wondering …
I never had to bother with light maps when building a scene inside Blender and rendering out from it.
I am just wondering if I should …

I should probably mention this is not in the game engine environment of Blender just a regular 3D
scene I am building and rendering out.

When rendering something that way, you don’t need lightmaps because it’s rendering the lighting on each frame. It’s slower, but since it doesn’t have to be real-time then the time can be spent to render the lighting. Plus, in renderings you often work with moving objects which can’t use baked lighting. However, there can be cases where they will bake lighting. I remember in some of the Star Wars movies they baked some stuff in cases where it would take too much time to render otherwise.

O.k. thanks for that answer yeah I had a feeling it had to do with the real time issue.
Yeah I never had to create light maps in Blender so I suddenly was wondering why the heck not )