Do you need a mocap suit to get live animation and transfer it to sequencer


I’m making a simple animation (face and body) and i’m using sequencer to do it…it’s a little time consuming and I did some google research but was wondering if you can use a phone/laptop camera to get motion data and then upload it for use in sequencer - or do you have to have a mocap suit?


You can use an iPhone to capture facial animation.
To capture a whole body typically requires a bodysuit with some type of tracking.
Multiple Vive trackers can be used. But in any case, you’re looking at $1500 to $15000depending on the quality required.

There are some sites that take video you shoot and output motion data (mixed results)

You can purchase a lot of normal motion capture aniamtions.
Unreal Marketplace as a number of packages.

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If you are equipped with a VR headset, Mocap Fusion [VR] is a free VR capture tool (that works with a large set of VR hardware including quest2/vive/index, vive trackers for full body capture, supports unreal live link, exports the Mocap to Blender etc.) seems to be an incredibly interesting solution. If you don’t have a VR equipment, think about it :wink:

(note: I did not try it myself yet, I intend to and expect a lot from it, so that’s why I report this solution. I know there’s a steam app of Mocap Fusion VR that should be available by end-January (but the early version of the app can be downloaded I guess)

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