Do you like donuts?

So, do you?

yes i do :o

Yup, specially the ones with jelly and sugar

Centerpart most!

I love donuts! Unfortunately it’s pretty difficult to get some good donuts here in Austria… :frowning:
Especially the ones with sugar glaze are pretty good

Donuts? Nah, chocolate rules instead! Plus who wants to end up looking like Homer Simpson :stuck_out_tongue:

this topic was answered in 1 day when my other two week old questions are still unanswered. *sigh

I don’t eat Donuts as much as I should :slight_smile:

Donuts! love it.

donuts like the “berliner” here in germany are nice but i am more into something like “franzbrötchen”

I’ve been dying for donuts this whole week…

~ Jason

donuts are those on picture but with empty hole instead of filling. So ofc i prefer real deal ie Pączki like on picture:


Every time I see this thread title in activity stream I’m getting hungry :eek:

BTT I love donuts. But here in Germany we don’t have such a wide range of donuts.

Yes, I love donuts.

Oh my lord where can i get those???

Nawrot, here in Brazil we call them “Sonho” (Dream, translated to english). There are several variations and they are all surreal!

They sell in almost every bakery here, and it’s not expensive :slight_smile:

donuts , i love donuts :stuck_out_tongue:

I like vanilla cream donuts