Do you know how to do this? Help please!

I’m trying to create a board game (like a molopoly) I have a (DICE) system that generates a random number and I would like to use that number that my system generates, to make my AI move the corresponding number of houses. I am trying to do this using the node (AI MOVE TO) within my BP level. Could someone do an example for me, and send me some pictures or a project?

Please guys!
Thank you

The tile BP has just a number in:


And this code in the player:

Hey thanks for the help, is each block a different BP?;base64

They are all different instances of one BP. You put the number in the variable:


EDIT: Sorry, I get your question now. Yes, it’s one BP, six times…

I can’t get it to work, and I can’t get the statish mesh, it won’t let me connect;base64

Pull the pin from the loop and type ‘location’, you’ll see ‘world location’ in the list with the static mesh

Thank you friend, you helped me sooooo much;base64

Hi I have one last question. How can I add the value of the block that my character is currently positioned + the value of DICE, for my character to move 3 spaces forward or back 3 spaces from his current location? PS: how can i make him go back houses, if it is the punishment of the game

Change the first part to:

( Setup for 12 tiles. You have to change the clamp for however many you have… )

it is not working, I need it to walk for example (9 squares) from its current position. But how do I know which square my eprsonage is currently in?

In the image, the number drawn was 9, but he walked only 6 squares;base64;base64

Hi - you’ve copied it wrong. There’s only 1 loop, and please look at the nodes carefully:

Also, your clamp needs to be from 1 to 19 because you 19 squares.

Best to get my version working, then adjust to your needs :slight_smile:

Better picture: