Do you know a tutorial to create texture in "3D" in landscape?

How to create a texture to apply on a landscape and and get a “3D” volume. See example below
I use UE4-27

Hi, @PhilippeC!

When you say you want to create a texture and get a 3D volume, do you mean having bumps, or waves, or grooves etc? If that is the case what you seem to be referencing is how to change your materials. Here is a link to the first video in Unreal’s tutorial guide on materials and how to create and edit them:

Intro to Materials: Overview | 01 | v4.0 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine

And here is video 3 of that series introducing Normals and how to use them to create 3D effects:

Intro to Materials: Adding Textures to a Material | 03 | v4.0 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine

If you could elaborate more on exactly what you mean that would be awesome, and I hope the above solution is what you are looking for!

Hi Quetzalcodename

You give me the clues to find what I need . Thank you !