Do you have to duplicate animations when re-targeting?

I have a custom character in which I would like to use the 3rd person animations, as well as the animations from the starter pack. My character is re-targeted to the Humanoid Rig, which the “blue guy” is also re-targeted to. Do I have to re-target the animations as well, in which it creates a copy of all those animations to my new character folder? I’m wondering if there’s a way to have one set of animations that work on all the skeletons that are re-targeted to that original “blue guy”.


If it uses a different skeleton system, otherwise the purpose of retargeting is so you don’t have to duplicate the animation.

So I have a skeleton that Epic has created with the animations. I have a new character with a new skeleton that I re-targeted to Epics skeleton. Why do I need duplicate animations for my new character? Isn’t my new skeleton “following” Epics?

You have to assign the exact skeleton that is used on epic’s character in order to take advantage of not having to duplicate the animations. You can define this on your model either at import or by right clicking it and assigning the skeleton. You only need one skeleton to drive all your biped characters in your game so long as your characters are somewhat proportional.
After you retarget your animations to your custom skeleton you can get rid of any of the other animations you don’t need. All your characters that are based off this skeleton can use a single animation file.