Do you have to build in sequencer?

hey guys

once I am ready to render a video in sequencer do I have to build first please? (lighting etc) or will it do this automatically when exporting does anyone know please?

many thanks

lighting is separate from sequencer

sequencer is just a timeline with recording capability

Thanks for replying, maybe I should have worded it better. If I want to get better looking videos should I build before exporting please? Or doesn’t it matter?

So could anyone help please. To get the best quality for my cinematic, do I need to build first before exporting the movie? (i.e lighting etc) or does it do this automatically when I export please?

you need to understand how the lights react with objects

lights can be moveable - static or - stationary
objects can be moveable - static or stationary

depending on what you’re trying to achieve do they have different benefits and drawbacks
they are techniques optimized for realtime games, not for cinematics

so you have to know how they work before you can use them for such things