do you guys use 4.19 ?

unreal engine 4.19 released, but do you guys use it ?

is it too early to publish my 4.18 asset ?

And your assets are … models, textures, BP, code, materials? Do your assets depend on the engine’s version?

There are even guys using 4.15 and older versions, so …

Sea of Thieves actually uses UE4.10 for a reason. I remember it as the version that had least problems… Best is not to update until you see at least 4.19.2 - this has been pushed out so they can show something on the GDC (starting in a few days), not because it was ready.

I’ve upgraded to it from 4.18 and it’s working just the same, granted there is the UE Studio beta, and some other improvements which I haven’t gotten around to testing. I see that lots of people tend to stick around 4.14 and lower, as around there is where UE started requiring includes in C++ scirpts, and people don’t like having to manually do includes for every class they build. (Personally I’m used to working with extensive libraries, and knowing where what comes from gives you a better understanding to the inner workings).

Thing is they would be able to show whatever they want at GDC anyway because the source is on git, they have shown experimental features that weren’t even in the binary builds before, rushing 4.19 for GDC makes no sense here.