do you get message when your asset completly rejected ?

i made several mistakes and UE marketplace want me to fix it. i fix it, then they said my asset in the final review stage, in this stage i made mistake and i fix it again.

so i press submit and my asset in pending approval.

however 3 day passed i didn’t get news on my asset.

i get worried.

It can take as much as 15 working days the whole process even with no iterations with the MP team.

even in last stage in review ?

i passed the technical information.

The whole process takes 15 working days the most… as you got more iterations you should at least account those extra days… my asset expent 15 days of 3 iteractions with MP team and another 10 days of waiting… of course all depends on the type of asset and how many individual items they need to check before putting it as ok. They will send an e-mail to you that it is necessary to change the status to published when their review is done. This last step is what makes the asset available at the store.

Oh god. That take a long time.

Once you get used to the process, the next submissions will go smoothly, I hope :slight_smile:

Well 2 weeks since my last asset. If i didnt get at least 20 buyer in a month.

i go to unity.

Unless is code, BPs or something specific to Unreal, why aren’t you putting your assets in both marketplaces?

too busy creating asset.

If you provided good and clear screenshots and a nice video to showcase you asset you will get sales, just be prepared that if you didn’t provide those, people will ask before buying, meaning zero sales until that.

Since i make props. I didnt need video.

i have screenshot and docs.