Do you feel shame in wanting to earn a living from your Video Game creations?

**We’ll you shouldn’t. **I predict the future of employment will be in the virtual game worlds we create, when the robots take over. The potential is observable in present day MMO Economies. So we Game Developers are not just creating ways for us to earn a living, we’re creating ways for everyone to earn a living.

For our games to create a means for us and others to make a living, we have to design them to do so. Here are 42 ways to monetize your games. I believe the area of game monetization has plenty of room for innovation, thus, I seek innovative ways to generate revenue within my game designs.

One of my innovative ideas to monetize my game, is to sell Digital and 3D Printed replicas (Merchandise) of the Player Created Characters, Creatures, Weapons, Vehicles, and Architecture Sets from ExORION to be played in a extended via Meta Tabletop CCG RPG of the games Universe.

With an VR-enabled in-game Marketplace, Player-Merchants can buy/sell trade their digital designs. With our Distributed Player-owned 3D Printer network, Player-Merchants can drop ship 3D replicas as merchandise.

Everyone makes money:) So don’t be ashamed in wanting to earn a living from your Video Game creations. We are creating the Jobs of the future:)

Nobody is ashamed, what are you going on about? Also take less drugs

Closing thread, as this just reads like TechLord got hacked.