Do we need to re-copy/create any blueprints from 189.1 to run 190.0?

I couldn’t see anything different when I loaded up the mod in Unreal Editor… works in PIE… PrimalGameData has been updated with the new compound bow engram and metal arrows.

I’ve trying to avoid doing a complete re-work of the mod… if you notice something different or not working please post!


  • Spawner blueprints have added dragon flies now.

The best bet is just to keep an eye on the official patch notes and take note of what all changes they list and think what the devs likely needed to change to make those changes. Sometimes its source code only, but things just say a new industrial grill model means a new updated asset. Any children of updated assets will reflect the new changes (unless you overrided a variable or at least one thing in an array indicated by a yellow U-turn arrow) but obviously if you duplicated an item you should compare the asset in the devkit with yours if you suspect it may have changed.

If I were to take a stab at what changed it would be: gamedata, testgamemode, char creation ui, playerpawns, basic bow, all dinos (for blood overlay and mate boost - forgot where I saw that), tribe gov ui, stone harvesting, new bow, new arrows, dino blackboards, and fabricator (or smithy) for the new bow.

would subclassed files (like primal gamedata) also need updated or would those work fine from one version to the next? My npc remaps are not working at all and I can’t figure out why without completely redoing the mod from scratch.

That’s the purpose of the thread… What do we need to recreate and what can be left alone.

As mentioned, PrimalGameData seems to have updated itself with new engrams.

If certain things aren’t working, and you create part or all of your mod to get it working… Then please share your findings so we can collectively reduce our workload.

Freeband: might have to cook a mini-mod just to confirm whether remap is bugged in this devkit or whether it’s your mod.

Death: sound logic… But curious that PrimalGameData refreshed itself whilst spawners didn’t.

From my limited experience in modding (3 days), it is clear that in order to make a Mod, you need to Copy and Modify the CoreData BP.

Problem is, with any content patch or otherwise that effects this CoreData BP, you’ll need to recopy everything you’ve done into a newly duplicated updated CoreData BP.
Which is by far, the worst way about adding in mods.

There should be a new Class just for mods, a ModClass, that has some of the infomation as the CoreData BP like;
Override Lists for Similar,
et c.

Then all the the class does is load the DEFAULT CoreData BP, then stacks on the ModClass BP.

But as it stands at the moment, every patch, every mod maker will need to redownload the GitHub updated ARK Dev Kit, duplicate the new CoreData BP, modify the duplicate file to what they had before (A lot of work if your mod is extensive), then recook/reupload.

Were you going to or should I?

I mentioned above:

If you modified the variable or array and it has a yellow arrow, you can hover over that yellow arrow and read the tool tip.

I have a mod that adds a new engram/structure etc… worked fine when 190 was released (and still works fine in PIE)… but in 192 that engram is not in the learnable engram list when you actually play the game.

Also, mods cooked in 190 are no longer playable from singleplayer/host non-dedicated menu options… at least for me… though interestingly you can play it on a dedicated server though as mentioned above stuff isn’t appearing.

I said it in another thread… but this is early access for sure… and before we use mods on live servers we really need DevKit updates released to us prior to official deployment, or within a few hours of deployment time at least so that we can get them working with the latest client patches.

Agreed JasonFJ, along with the capability of ensuring that you don’t need to remake your mod with every patch (updated primalcore bps et c).