Do we need to code to create a game?


Im curious if it would be possible to create games in UE4 without the need to code.
I was on my way learning UnrealScript but decided its a lost cause.

I am mainly an artist and would like to confirm how essential is coding when wanting to make games with UE4. Also what sort of coding would be required (code the network side of the game etc.)?

Your feedback would be much appreciated.


It depends. You say you’re an artist. Does that mean you have a programmer in your team?

If you just want to work on game art then you don’t need to know how to code.

If you’re alone and you want to create an entire game from scratch, then you’ll either have to learn to implement game logic using visual graphs in Blueprints, or learn to code in C++.

Blueprints is the better approach if you have no previous programming experience and you can do almost anything with it, that you could do with C++. If you already subscribed to the engine, check out some of the Content Examples on the Marketplace to get an idea what you can achieve with Blueprints. There is also a great video tutorial series on Epic’s unrealengine channel on youtube.

Thank you very much. That’s what i needed to confirm. If i can do it all with BP, then i will. I am a one man team and plan on making a full game.
If i do run into a limitation i will just pay a developer to assist with the code.

I know it is off topic, but what can i expect to pay a developer to code if it is required?

Depends on the quality and location of the developer. And how much work you need of course.

You might be able to find some beginners or college students willing to work for $30/h maybe. I would expect $50+ for an experienced programmer.

Thank you for the feedback.