Do textures and geometry that are not used in the scene take up vram/ram when building?

Do textures that are not used in the scene take up vram space when building? I have alot of textures that are not applied to anything in the scene. They are just in the library of available textures i’ve made or imported etc. Will these take up vram/ram when i go to build the lighting? Should I be removing textures and geometries that wont be built in the final scene or is it OK to leave them?

i dont think the build process will include them since the assets are not in scene

It would be best to remove stuff from the library that you aren’t using and don’t plan on using. I would imagine that assets will have some amount of impact on memory, it might just be the thumbnails in the library but there’s going to be some amount of data loaded for the library.

There are many conflicting reports on this. If i were you, I would create a new project, migrate the map you’re working on there (UE4 will only migrate assets that are used in that map), bake and see if it makes any difference. If you do that please report so others (me included) can know about it :wink:

It wont take space on VRam but it will defenitly make your project size bigger, so insted of you having a final build with 3GB you would have with more. So its always good to delete what you don’t need from the library.

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